SOLD Dzunukwa Mask by Rupert Scow | Kwakiulth

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SOLD Dzunukwa Mask by Rupert Scow | Kwakiulth
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SOLD   24" by 11" by 8"  -    Dxunukwa, also called 'Wild Woman of the Woods' is venerated as a bringer of wealth but is also feared because she is believed to steal children.

Dzunukwa Mask by Rupert Scow.

Rupert Scow Jr. was born in Alert Bay, BC on June 7th, 1957.  He is a member of the Kwicksutaineuk people from the village of Gwayasdums, located on Guilford Island.  He comes from a long line of artists and carvers on both sides of his family.  His great-grandfather, Chief John Scow, was a renowned canoe builder.  Mungo Martin, his great-grandfather on his mother's side was a famous artist and teller of traditional stories.  Rupert began carving in wood, at Alert Bay over eighteen years ago.  He was fortunate to be taught by respected artists Wayne Alfred, Vince Shaugnessy, and Shawn Karpes.  What he learned from them still greatly influences his work to this day.  Rupert's ultimate goal is to continually grow as an artist and to excel in all of the mediums that he has chosen to work in.

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