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Dzunukwa Mask by Gene Brebant | Cree
Dzunukwa Mask by Gene Brebant | Cree
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17" by 15" by 8" - knife finished - copper earrings and eyes - horse hair.  Dxunukwa, also called 'Wild Woman of the Woods' is venerated as a bringer of wealth but is also feared because she is believed to steal children.  The reason she is depicted with hair on her face, is to show a Sasquatch nature.

Dzunukwa Mask by Gene Brebant 

Gene Brabant was born in Victoria BC in 1946.  He's been carving since a child.  He has been trained by the Hunt family, and has learned from and been influenced by many of the most skilled and famous NW coast carvers.  

The Museum of Man in Ottawa has a Thunderbird Transformation by Gene.  The Royal Museum of B.C. has two of his Bella Coola face masks. The Seattle Art Museum has a Geeacum Mask.  The Museum of Osaka, Japan has a Tlingit house post he made with Tony Hunt  Sr., Calvin Hunt, and John Livingston.

Gene specializes in commissions to duplicate old pieces.  He carves in all styles of the NW coast.  Among his peers, he is considered one of the best.  His work is collected world wide.

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